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Organize Your Home Part One: Closets

July 13, 2015 Blog Post

If your resolution is to get organized, it is time to declutter. It is best to start small. Begin with a closet. Once you have accomplished organizing a closet, you will be motivated to complete another closet, drawers, or even a room.
Before starting, be prepared:
Have a box labeled for CHARITY.
Have a box labeled for FRIENDS & FAMILY.
Have sturdy trash bags for items that NEED TO GO to the trash bin.
Designate a place for items that will STAY.
If it is a clothes closet, determine what will stay – items in good shape and are worn frequently. Then move those items completely out of the closet. Touch up or paint walls
and make sure flooring is clean, so you have a fresh palette to work with.
Then organize your clothing and shoes as visually pleasing as possible. Sort by color and clothing type. Do a section at a time. For shoes, organize by type and color. To maximize your shoe space, consider D.I.Y. shoe racks or shelving. Both are available at Home Improvement stores or online. Closet professionals can also provide well priced shelving, rods, and racks and installation to maximize your storage.
Other accessories can be organized in the same manner.
If you get overwhelmed, take a break – meditate, or go for a walk. Snack on yogurt, drink a glass of water and get back to your project. The beauty of getting organized: it is a project with instant gratification – you can start and complete a closet in a reasonable period of time and feel very accomplished!
Once the initial organization is complete. Maximize your vertical space with retractable valet rods. They are great for selecting tonight’s outfit or next weekend’s getaway. Also
to hang all the dry cleaning before you put it away! Google retractable valet rods.
Think about adding a full length mirror. California Closets (californiaclosets.com)
has a mirror that can tuck away beside your hanging clothes when not in use. It pulls out and tilts, so you feel like you are in a dressing room!
The Container Store (containerstore.com) offers a website tool from Elfa Design Your Own Reach-In Closet.
My favorite organization tools are NeatFreak! velvet hangers. They are very sturdy and thin and maximize your hanging space. They are instant beautification!
If you are attempting a major D.I.Y., make sure you have a measuring tape, a hammer, level, drill, and a flathead and Phillips screwdriver.
Once you have organized a closet, pantry or drawer, the rest of your home is a piece of cake!